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It's All in the Details

As a seasoned commerce leader and designer, I've been pivotal in Scotiabank's digital transformation journey, particularly in the site-wide rebranding and optimization efforts leading to the migration of Scotialife Financial to Scotia Insurance. Leveraging skills in management, data analysis, branding, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Figma and more, I've spearheaded and participated in impactful projects, such as Scotiabank Bank Your Way - Digital Adoption, recognized by American Banker. From ensuring compliance in Scotiabank Conduct to implementing user-friendly and sustainable, cost saving solutions like the scene digital welcome kit, my commitment lies in delivering exceptional user experiences that resonate with Scotiabank's brand ethos.

My Process & Problem-Solving Approach

Project Discovery: I kickstart each project with a thorough discovery phase, delving deep into Scotiabank's brand essence and the specific hurdles faced in the insurance and banking domains.

User-Centric Design: Grounded in user needs, my approach involves rigorous research methods like heuristic reviews, analytics, and consumer studies. These insights drive every design choice, ensuring our solutions resonate with Scotiabank's diverse customer base.

Collaborative Solutioning: Collaboration fuels innovation. I collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including developers, marketers, and legal experts, to craft solutions that align with business goals and user expectations.

Iterative Design Process: Embracing iteration, we start with wireframes and prototypes, enabling rapid feedback loops and refinement. User testing is integral, guiding us toward designs that truly meet users' needs.


Compliance and Regulation: Projects like Scotiabank Conduct demand meticulous attention to compliance without sacrificing user experience. I ensure seamless integration of legal requirements, collaborating closely with legal teams to strike the right balance.


Continuous Improvement: The journey doesn't end at launch. I believe in ongoing optimization through post-launch monitoring, user feedback collection, and iterative design updates to uphold Scotiabank's digital excellence.

This personalized approach has empowered me to navigate complexities, drive digital innovation, and deliver impactful solutions that enhance Scotiabank's digital presence and elevate user experience.

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Scotia Insurance | Redesign

Scotiabank Scene | Visa Digital Welcome Kit

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